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Secure it Easy™ will give you the control you need over your PCs endpoints .
All portable storage devices such as USB Flash Drives, U3 smart Drives, iPods,
MP3 Players, digital cameras, portable HDDs, mobile phones and other devices
are a possible threat when connected to your PC since any of them can be
used to leak (steal) and upload data from your PC in a matter of minutes or
just seconds.

With Secure it Easy you can control and monitor the use of all portable
storage devices connected to your PC and just authorize specific devices
( Trusted Devices™ ) that you permit for the use on the protected PC.

You can authorize for example your personal digital camera, your iPod or a
specific USB Flash Drive. This way you ensure that your data goes only where
it should go. Any other devices that is not a Trusted Device will simply not
work on the PC and therefore not offer the chance to copy and leak data to it and vice versa also not be able to run malicious programs from the portable
storage device.

As a Secure it Easy user you will experience the convenience and efficiency
of working with your Trusted Devices routinely while knowing your PCs
endpoints are protected.

If you only protect your PC with a firewall and antivirus software you are only
protecting if against threads posed from the outside (internet) and not
protecting it against threats posed from the inside.

Secure it Easy will help you to protect your PC from all threats posed by
portable devices that are connected to your PC via the USB port. Secure it
Easy gives you full control over your PCs endpoints.

Administrative Control
Only the PCs administrator is allowed to authorize devices or to configure
Secure it Easy. An optional password gives additional protection in an
environment where many users are having administrative rights.

The simple administrative user interface that is multilingual in English, German
and French allows for a fast and easy setup on your PCs.

Secure it Easy is intended for the use on Windows 2000 (SP4) and Windows XP
PCs and requires the .NET Framework 2.0.