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OpenOffice.org Version 1 was the first product to deliver the benefits of
open-source software to mass-market users, delivering essential everyday
software tools completely free of charge. Translated into over 30 languages,
available on all major computing platforms (Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X X11,
GNU/Linux, Solaris), OpenOffice.org Version 1 is now in use by tens of millions
of delighted users worldwide.

With Version 2, it gets even better:

the first office suite to use the new OASIS OpenDocument format, the
future-proof international standard for office software (ISO/IEC 26300)
easier to install, with a whole new look and feel, matched to the type of
computer in use
more intuitive, more easy to use than ever, with a host of new usability
introducing a major new component, Base : an easy-to-use database
manager with a fully integrated database
more compatible with other software packages – now understands even
obscure and rarely used features in major competitors

But the licence is still the same: you may download OpenOffice.org Version 2
completely free of any licence fees, use it for any purpose– private,
educational, government and public administration, commercial – and pass on
copies free of charge to family, friends, students, employees, etc.


As the name suggests, OpenOffice.org is the most open office suite available

no commercial licences or software compliance issues to worry about
no language barriers - if it's not yet available in your language, the chances
are it will be soon
available on all major computing platforms
the first office suite to comply with the OASIS OpenDocument format
the source code for the software is freely available under a full OSI certified

OpenOffice.org is synonymous with quality

the roots of OpenOffice.org go back twenty years, creating a huge wealth
of experience
hundreds of thousands of users have participated in the beta testing of
version 2
with a fully open development process, OpenOffice.org has nothing to hide -
the product stands or falls on its reputation

OpenOffice.org is friendly

the software looks and feels familiar and is instantly usable by anyone who
has used a competitive product
it's easy to change to OpenOffice.org - the software reads all major
competitors' files
OpenOffice.org is supported by a global community of friendly volunteers,
only too happy to provide assistance to newcomers and advanced users